About Ottenborn


Founder of Otten’s Seafood

Magnus grew up on a small island off the coast of Sweden and began fishing with his dad at such an early age he could barely walk but was already swimming. His father entertained family and friends with the many tales of how little Magnus crawled over the boat railing and jumped into the water if he took his eyes off him for as little as five seconds.

Back then fishing was always good and they pulled an abundance of fish every week.  With more fish than the family could eat, they began freezing the fresh catches. At family dinners they quickly realized that they could not tell which fish was frozen and which was freshly caught. Both were equally good.

Later in life, when Magnus founded Otten’s Seafood , he applied the same principles he learned from his parents .  He focused on freezing only the best quality fish which when cooked maintained the same quality as fresh fish.

Otten’s Seafood has launched a variety of seafood products based on this concept. Many of those products have now become a staple in several European households.

The company’s first product launch gave Otten’s Seafood the opportunity to conduct a test at one of the Main Grocery Chains in Sweden.  Flagship stores were only selling about 20 pounds of seafood each week. Otten’s Seafood provided the same type of seafood, but fast frozen.  The quality of his product-increased sales to 600 pounds a week and still continues today.

Otten’s Seafood emphasize is to provide fast frozen seafood that has the same quality as fresh seafood. Our company ships all over the world and takes pride in providing the high quality of fresh fish but at more affordable prices.